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no-www.org is a threat to our beloved 'www'!

Together we, the people of the Internet, must fight to save our most beloved Internet prefix, 'www'. Yes, despite the years of humble and gracious service that these three simple letters have given us, there are those among us who wish to remove them from the WORLD WIDE WEB entirely. To save 'www', we must not only refuse to remove our 'www's, but add extra 'www's to serve as a symbol that we will not be intimidated.
So please, support our 'www's by redirecting your base domain names to www.www. versions, and together we can keep 'www' alive!


Like no-www.org, we have a www.www.extra-www classification system:
  • BUNK: No site at domain, www.domain or www.www.domain
  • FAIL: www.www.domain does not work, but www.domain or domain does
  • BAD: Either www.www.domain presents a different site, or www.www.domain is redirected to www.domain or domain
  • GOOD: www.www.domain and www.domain or domain work and present the same site
  • GOOD (alternative): Either www.domain or domain redirect to www.www.domain
  • BEST: www.domain and domain redirect to www.www.domain
  • HARDCORE: www.domain and domain don't work, www.www.domain presents the site
To validate your site's classification, go to the www.www.extra-www.org validator

For Bloggers

Have a blog? Have a blog at an address that supports the WORLD WIDE WEB by not sacrificing its 'www's? You can do your part to help others find this site and hear our message by using this slim image tag:
Image credits: Tyler M., with our good, www-supporting friends at http://www.www.arson-news.com/ (www.www.extra-www class BEST)
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This is a copy of the old www.www.extra-www.org, hosted by S. Zeid.